Unique Océ technologies

Océ has never been satisfied with doing things “the way they’ve always been done”. We dedicate our passion to inventing and innovating superior printing and document management technologies.


Océ CrystalPoint technology

Océ CrystalPoint™ technology has been developed entirely by Océ to deliver high quality color and black & white prints on plain and recycled paper. Using patented Océ TonerPearls™ it is ideal for a wide range of applications including CAD plots, GIS documents and business graphics.

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Océ Copy Press

The unique Océ Copy Press technology presses the image to the paper, at a low-fusing temperature. The result is highly consistent print quality with an off-set look and feel. Without any waste of toner.

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Océ Color Copy Press

Océ Color Copy Press – high quality prints with a constant speed on a wide variety of media.

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Océ Gemini Instant Duplex

Océ Gemini Instant Duplex technology presses toner images onto both sides of the paper simultaneously – resulting in greater productivity, the highest registration accuracy and lower costs while realizing offset-like print quality.

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Océ Radiant Fusing

Océ Radiant Fusing is an Eco friendly fusing method providing instant-on machine availability with no warm-up time. It consumes less energy and emits less noise and ozone when compared to other fusing methods. In addition to the environmental benefits, it also provides incredible, consistent quality. During the Radiant Fusing process, the toner melts and is fused to the media via heat rising from a grid of wires, without distorting the image.

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Océ VariaDot imaging technology

Océ VariaDot® imaging technology ensures realistic, photo-like image quality. It delivers finer details and smoother gradients in highlight areas, as well as crisp colors in the mid tones, plus incredible density in shadows and areas of solid color. Images look far superior to those printed on a conventional, fixed-droplet, 6-color inkjet printer.

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Océ Color Image Logic

Océ Color Image Logic consistently turns imperfect originals into perfect copies (reproduction of text, photos and fine drawings) in color the first time and scans without the need for any user interference. This saves a lot of time since the process of copying and scanning is a very time-consuming task.

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Océ Color Management module

The color management module gives you full control of color output. You can select the right embedded input and output profiles that meet international standards to create a workflow that best fits the type of output. It is also possible simulate to other inkjet devices. This is convenient if you want to generate the same output colors as other devices that you use, or have used in the past.

This color management module is designed for our wide format TCS printers.

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Océ Image Logic

Océ Image Logic was developed and patented by Océ with the objective that 99% of all originals should be copied and scanned with the right quality the first time without any operator intervention. This saves a lot of time since the process of copying and scanning is a very time-consuming task. Originals, even if imperfect, such as text, photos and fine drawings are turned into perfect copies

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Océ Direct Imaging a revolutionary seven-color technology

Océ Direct Imaging uses voltage and magnetism. No light is used to create an image. It is directly created on each imaging drum electronically, thereby providing highly accurate color registration and image fidelity, unmatched by traditional processes.

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Océ Direct scan

With Océ Direct Scan technology, the outstanding image quality is ensured by a single high-resolution 600 dpi color CCD camera and specially developed high quality lens. Moreover, the reliability of the optical system lies in its single mirror, single camera concept reducing the number of moving parts to a minimum and therefore the number of required calibrations.

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Océ Dynamic Switching Technology

Whether the original contains lines/text, images, or both, Océ Dynamic Switching Technology eliminates any guesswork in choosing the correct print setting. This technology automatically “senses” each part of a mixed image – from fine lines to photographs and everything in between – and determines the best print setting for these individual areas. Result: optimum print quality without sacrificing productivity.

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Océ White Ink technology

Océ offers a White Ink Option for the Océ Arizona 480 GT and Océ Arizona 480 XT UV flatbed printers. It enables under-printing for non-white media or objects, over-printing for backlit applications on transparent media and printing white as a spot color. The White Ink Option offers offers print producers the opportunity to sell high-value backlit graphics, and to create specialty applications on almost any media or object.

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